The Long Hill Fire Company #1 Inc. was officially created on January 11, 1921. Ideas for a fire company first originated in 1911 when 88 residents of Long Hill, Connecticut gathered at Gabler’s Hall in the Hoyt Bros. Witch Hazel Factory. The outcome of the meeting was the organization of a Long Hill Fire Department.


Although the company was very crudely organized and lacked equipment, interested citizens began holding dances and used the proceeds to purchase twenty-four chemical fire extinguishers. These were placed in homes to be used as the first line against fire. By January 11, 1921, the men had adopted a set of By-Laws and decided on a name.

Company Picture at Station 1

On March 8, 1921, the State of Connecticut Seal was affixed to the By-Laws thereby recognizing the, “Long Hill Fire Company #1, Inc” as a legal corporation set up with the intent of providing fire protection for the residents of the Long Hill area.

Company Photo2

The members elected Charles Kellogg as Chief of the Company, and A.J. Hull as the first President. Chief Kellogg, along with the aid of two Assistant Chiefs, one Captain and two Lieutenants, directed seventy-five members of the Company at fires and training sessions.

Company Picture at Station 3